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Annual Winners


£10,000    V226    MRS M SMITH

Smaller prize winners:

£500    T675    MR H FIELD
£500    W697    ANNE ELVY
£500    R107    DANIEL KELLY
£500    Y566    ROBERT FERGUSON
£500    T859    MR J DENT
£500    S302    MRS G MAYALL
£500    T888    PHILLIP BENNETT
£500    T043    MRS K WELSH
£500    W576    MR R KENCH
£500    Y136    MRS L NOLAN

Find out more:

If you want to join the Giant Cash Bonanza Lottery and support Buxton Opera House, please email your name and contact details to 
and a member of staff will contact you to set up your membership.

Alternatively, you can complete the Direct Debit form and return to the Giant Cash Boannza Society using the FREEPOST address provided.

Membership Fees:

Monthly: £8.67
Quarterly: £26.00 
Six monthly: £52.00
Annually: £104

(Minimum age: 16 years)

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