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Spoken Word

Pavilion Arts Centre

Speakers from the Edge presents

Ash Dykes - Surviving Madagascar

23 Mar 2017

Ash Dykes

Ash Dykes


Following his debut tour, 2015’s Breaking Mongolia, which covered his solo, unsupported walk across Mongolia, Ash Dyke’s new show features his most recent record-breaking, world-first crossing of Madagascar, the world’s fourth largest island, trekking 1,600 miles in 155 days and climbing eight of the island’s highest mountains along the way.

In Surviving Madagascar, the twice National Adventurer of the Year tells the story of how he came to take on his daring expeditions, before recounting his latest adventure; how he contracted the deadliest strain of Malaria, was held up by the military, dodged bandits, received nasty spider bites, built a raft for a dangerous river crossing, was almost washed away at night by another ferocious, crocodile-infested river and had to hack his way through near-impenetrable jungle as he became the first person ever to traverse the length of Madagascar’s interior.

Dates and Prices

Dates: Thursday 23 March 7.30pm

Tickets: £14

Matcham: 12% off

Groups (8+)/Senior/Disabled: £1.50 off
JSA/Income Support/Students/Children: ½ price

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