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Pavilion Arts Centre

Fascinating Aïda's

Dillie Keane

8 Apr 2017

Fascinating Aïda's Dillie Keane

Fascinating Aïda's Dillie Keane


Dillie Keane takes a short break from her Fascinating Aïda gal pals to present her first solo show in 558 years.

With some brand new songs, some grand old favourites, gorgeous songs of love and songs of disgraceful filth, Dillie will break your heart, mend it again and have it sent to the cleaners for pressing. And she'll give you her recipe for chutney while she’s at it.

Dillie will be accompanied on the piano by the very young but very talented Michael Roulston.


Hokey Cokey


Much More Married


“Keane, whose piano-playing remains as sprightly and inventive as ever, prompts gales of laughter with merely the raising of a quizzical eyebrow” - Times

“Her worldview is laconic, her lyrics lacerating, her voice now capable of going deeper than a Chilean miner” - Telegraph

“Exudes faded glamour, a bit like Brighton sea front” - Daily Mail

“Very funny - a twinkling sense of merriment“ - New York Times

Dates and Prices

Dates: Saturday 8 April 7.30pm

Tickets: £22

Discounts: Not available.

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