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Giant Cash Bonanza Lottery

Giant Cash Bonanza recruitment

Giant Cash Bonanza recruitment

This year's recruitment for the Giant Cash Bonanza Lottery has now begun. Take part today and help support the Opera House!

Sign up to play the Giant Cash Bonanza Lottery and help raise funds for various good causes including Buxton Opera House & Pavilion Arts Centre.

The lottery was created in 2002 to help raise funds for charities and good causes across the country.  In 2014, it raised a staggering £125,000 for Buxton Opera House & Pavilion Arts Centre and awarded over 1,400 cash prizes to its members, including an annual jackpot of £10,000.

All subscriptions paid by you will be donated solely for the benefit of the Opera House and the Arts Centre, after deduction of money for prizes and reasonable expenses of administering the lottery.

For just £2 a week you will be entered into the following prize draws:


Weekly Cash Prize Draw

  • 1 x cash prize of £1,000
  • 1 x cash prize of £100
  • 4 x cash prizes of £50
  • 4 x cash prizes of £25
  • 20 x cash prizes of £10


Monthly Prize Draw (open to all supporters of Buxton Opera House)

  • 2 x Family ticket to our annual pantomime with a meet and greet following a selected performance
  • 2 x 12 month subscription to our Matcham Card Premier scheme
  • 2 x £50 Gift voucher
  • 2 x £20 Gift voucher
  • 4 x £10 Gift voucher


Annual Prize Draw

  • 1 x jackpot prize of £10,000
  • 10 x cash prizes of £500

Ten unique numbers are entered into the weekly draw and two unique numbers will be entered into the free monthly draws and the annual £10,000 jackpot draw. Your lottery numbers will be entered into the draws together with the lottery numbers of other supporters of Buxton Opera House and the lottery numbers of the supporters of other beneficiaries (excluding the monthly prize draw).

Winners from each draw are notified by post or you can check to see whether you've won at the links below.

Find out more:

If you want to join the Giant Cash Bonanza Lottery and support Buxton Opera House, please email your name and contact details to 
and a member of staff will contact you to set up your membership.

Alternatively, you can complete the Direct Debit form and return to the Giant Cash Boannza Society using the FREEPOST address provided.

Membership Fees:

Monthly: £8.67
Quarterly: £26.00 
Six monthly: £52.00
Annually: £104

(Minimum age: 16 years)

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