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Pavilion Arts Centre

My Feral Heart (12A)

20 Mar 2017

My Feral Heart

My Feral Heart

My Feral Heart

My Feral Heart


A warm feel-good movie in which a wonderful actor (Stephen Brandon) plays a confident and competent young man (Luke) who like himself has Downs Syndrome. Luke has been his mother’s carer and when she dies he is paradoxically deemed unable to care for himself. This beautifully shot film (Suzanne Salvati) explores his reaction to the institution he enters and those he finds there.

Directed by Jane Gull

Rinning Time: 83 mins


£1 from each ticket sold will be donated to Down Syndrome Research Foundation. To find out more about the charity, click here



Dates and Prices

Dates: Monday 20 March 7.30pm

Tickets: £5 (Children: £3)


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