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Weekly Winners

Giant Cash Bonanza recruitment

Giant Cash Bonanza recruitment

Friday 24 February 2017

Congratulations to our main prize winner:

£1,000    B1918    J D Taylor

Smaller cash prize winners:

£100    V6334    Mrs S Phillips
£50    Z1111    Mr B Holloway
£50    S8148    Mr E Shaw
£50    Z2708    Mrs B Mather
£50    V6035     Mrs T A Nash
£25    T0015    Mr & Mrs I M Lingard
£25    R3261    Mr J Kinsell
£25    S0548    Mr E Mills
£25    S7418    Mr S Croft
£10    F0388    A Curley
£10    U6316    Mr D Upton
£10    Z2321    Mr P Barton
£10    Z8165    Miss J Summersgill
£10    Z9080    Mr K Melia
£10    S0420    Mr E Roebuck
£10    W7251    Mr D Bicket
£10    T5860    Mrs J Moore
£10    V0877    Mr J Towe
£10    W9643    Mrs W Pearson
£10    V9302    Mr N Vardy
£10    S3950    Mr H Daykin
£10    R4562    Mrs M Egan
£10    A1905    Mr N Burhouse
£10    W0813    Mr P Callan
£10    X3393    Mrs M Thomas
£10    U8773    Mr K Lees
£10    E1320    Mrs H Kerr
£10    E8848    Mr K Nicholas
£10    S5114    Mr R Mellor


Find out more:

If you want to join the Giant Cash Bonanza Lottery and support the Buxton Opera House, please email your name and contact details to 
and a member of staff will contact you to set up your membership.

Alternatively, you can complete the Direct Debit form and return to the Giant Cash Boannza Society using the FREEPOST address provided.

Membership Fees:

Monthly: £8.67
Quarterly: £26.00 
Six monthly: £52.00
Annually: £104

(Minimum age: 16 years)

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