An Even Wilder Night Out with Chris Packham and Paul Goldstein

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Last November Chris Packham and Paul Goldstein wowed and shocked two huge charity audiences in equal measure with a dazzling and provocative ‘wild night out’.

This year four venues across the UK will benefit from this outspoken and often hilarious wildlife double act. They travelled to Antarctica together in December and astonishingly are still talking. They are returning to the ice this autumn. This series of charity lectures will draw on much of their image catalogue of the last 12 months and some other favourite portfolios.

Chris and Paul have worked together for almost fifteen years in various continents and will be expanding that repertoire next year. Both are extremely critical of their own and particularly each other’s photography, both are also frequently in deep water with their strong views, both are remarkable photographers with large followings. This evening in Buxton should be spectacular, you have been suitably warned…

  • Price: £28



Under 16s: 1/2 price