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Quilter and the Ghost

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Award-winning Arletty Theatre presents Quilter and the Ghost, the second of this season’s Live & Local presentations here.

Recluse hoarder Quilter and her Ghost have collected stories over many, many years in their big old echoing house.  Every room is filled with whispers, except for one locked and silent room, which no-one ever enters.  When a woman from the council arrives, Quilter is confronted with the prospect of losing her home and her stories for good.  A battle begins to save the stories from the skip and finally the secret room reveals its secret.  Playfully using the cluttered space around them, and with an elaborate mix of projections and live and recorded music, the lives of strong inspiring women are recreated, retold and celebrated with care and delight.

These are compelling stories about the inspirational women who helped form our communities, and the people in them. From battling grandmas to a Wild West pioneer.  And the housewife who fed starving POWs during WW2, whose descendants were rewarded with food-parcels from Germany during the Miner’s Strike, sent by the grateful grandchildren of those same prisoners.

Arletty Theatre won Best Theatre Production award, Buxton Fringe 2014 for their Arts Council funded musical play, Swan Canaries.

Tickets will be available for purchase at the venue United Reformed Church - Purple Room

“At turns funny thought-provoking and harrowing, ‘Swan Canaries’ masterfully examines the camaraderie between women from a small village working together for the good of the country”

Leftlion Review

“Beautiful. It filled me with joy!”

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  • Duration: 2hr
  • Age Guidance: 12+
  • Price: £10