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Almost Liverpool 8 rating-12

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Liverpool 8 is Toxteth and to outsiders the name all too often has a negative charge. Celebrated photo-journalist Don McCullin spent some time there 50 years ago reporting on a community confronted by difficulties and frequently failed by policy makers. Taking one of those images as a starting point McCullin and a team of filmmakers return to show us how Toxteth has evolved as a place and community. This portrait is never sentimental but is positive and hopeful.

This film is programmed by Buxton Film and features no trailers. 

Cast (as themselves): Brodie Arthur, Yusuf Ashour, Amina Atiq  
Director: Daniel Draper, Allan Melia

Dates & Times

  • Duration: 89 mins
  • Rating: rating-12
  • Price: £5 (Children £1)