Buxton International Festival

Anna Keay

A Restless Republic: Britain Without a Crown, 4:00pm Pavilion Arts Centrebutton--dates-and-timesDates & Times

In 1649 Britain was engulfed by revolution. On a raw January afternoon, the Stuart king, Charles I, was executed for treason.

Within weeks, the English monarchy had been abolished and the ‘useless and dangerous’ House of Lords discarded. The people, it was announced, were now the sovereign force in the land. The Restless Republic ranges from London to Leith, Cornwall to Connacht, from the corridors of power to the common fields and hillsides. Gathering her cast of trembling visionaries and banished royalists, dextrous mandarins, and bewildered bystanders, Anna Keay, Director of the Landmark Trust, brings to life the story of what happened when a conservative people tried revolution.

Dates & Times

  • Duration: 1hr
  • Price: £12