The Brighouse & Rastrick Band

A Christmas Spectacular of Brass and Comedy

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Come and enjoy a programme of Christmas music by the world-famous Brighouse & Rastrick Band to get you singing and laughing towards Christmas. 

Along with very special guest and former Houghton Weavers frontman Norman Prince, expect a night of feel-good entertainment and good times all round.

Current Champion Band of Yorkshire, The Brighouse & Rastrick Band is regarded by many as the best and most consistent ‘public subscription band’ in the world.

In addition to having a first class and formidable reputation for performing highly entertaining concerts of wide public appeal, The Brighouse & Rastrick Band has many other notable triumphs to its credit in the highly competitive contesting field, with their record of major championship victories since they first came to British national prominence during the 1920s being certainly impressive. 

One extra ‘purple patch’ in this fine record came in 1998 when the Band held concurrently the English Masters, British National and European Championships, a unique ‘Triple Championship’, still not equalled today! Amongst the general public, The Brighouse & Rastrick Band is perhaps most popularly known for its famous 1977 hit parade success ‘The Floral Dance’ for which it won both Silver and Gold Discs for massive record sales and tremendous national and international acclaim. 

Very firm roots were re-established in the town of Brighouse in 1995 with the building and opening of its own ‘purpose-built’ West Ridings’ headquarters. Whilst maintaining their great traditions and continued quest for musical excellence, with over 138 years of proud history behind them, the band is still fiercely financially independent and beholden to no-one other than itself.

  • Price: £18-£20