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Count Arthur Strong

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Alone, solo and by himself, with no one with him, the show business Colossasus (check that) takes us back on a journey through his early career. Using the latest technology and all that (I presume we’ve got a projector?) he will be delving into his own personal box of video cassettes and talking us (you) through the highlights of his glittering tv career, with many of his trademark stories we’ve come to love him for. If you only buy one ticket for something this year make sure it’s this and bring someone with you. You won’t be disappointed by him (me). 

“Just gets funnier and funnier… left me light headed with delight”


“…never needed to resort to toilet humour or swearing to maintain one and a half hours of pure hilarity”

Manchester Evening News

“A relentless blast of comic surprises”


“Laugh-out-loud absurdity, subtly slapstick in both word and deed, from this perfectly-realised fool”


“There are more sublimely ridiculous moments in this latest show by Steve Delaney’s dilapidated old variety veteran than in any other comedy show I’ve seen this year.”

  • Duration: 1hr 40mins (includes interval)
  • Price: £25.50