Buxton International Festival

Crescent Salon with Laura Thompson

, 4:00pm The Assembly Rooms - Buxton Crescent Hotelbutton--dates-and-timesDates & Times

The eldest was a razor-sharp novelist of upper-class manners.

The second was loved by John Betjeman; the third was a fascist who married Oswald Mosley; the fourth idolized Hitler and shot herself in the head when Britain declared war on Germany; the fifth was a member of the American Communist Party; the sixth became Duchess of Devonshire.

They were the Mitford sisters. The intertwined stories of their stylish and scandalous lives hold up a revelatory mirror to upper-class English life before and after WWII. Laura Thompson updates her 2015 bestselling book and previous Buxton International Festival appearance with hundreds of new archive photographs and material.

Our musical accompaniment to this event will reference the music of Noel Coward and Noel Gay.

Includes a cup of tea.

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Dates & Times

  • Tue 14 Jul 4pm
  • Duration: 1hr 30mins
  • Price: £20