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In Town Tonight & A Sentinental Affair

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To set the scene the musicians will play a selection of well loved pieces by the A.B.C. of ‘Easy Listening’ composers, Leroy Anderson, Ronald Binge and Eric Coates, so evocative of the 1930’s and the war-time years.

Forgotten Dreams, Elizabethan Serenade, Knightsbridge March and Calling All Workers, you may not recognise the titles, but the melodies, often used as signature tunes for iconic radio programmes, are embedded deep in our memories.

A Sentinental Affair is a brand new musical by Caroline Fields and Edward James. A romantic intrigue set in ‘between the wars’ London, at the offices of the Daily Sentinel newspaper. Cameron Blackstone, a journalist, just back in London from covering the Spanish civil war, meets and is instantly attracted to a beautiful girl called Marissa. When he tells his colleagues back in the Sentinel newsroom of his chance encounter, sub-editor, Harry Sanderson, assumes the girl is Baroness Marissa von Gleibnitz. The Sentinel has a file on her providing plenty of low-down – a femme fatale, widow of a wealthy German industrialist, a well known Nazi sympathiser and suspected Fascist spy. Cameron won’t believe a word of it. 

Dates & Times

  • Duration: 1hr 30mins
  • Price: £14.50-£19.50



Groups (8+)/Senior/Disabled: £1.50 off (not Dress Circle)
JSA/Income Support/Students/Children: ½ price (not Dress Circle)