Buxton International Festival

Katherine MacInnes

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Katherine MacInnes retells the story of the race for the South Pole from the perspective of the women whose lives would be forever changed by it.

For the first time, and with unprecedented access to family archives, she recounts the lives of five extraordinary women: Kathleen Scott, who campaigned relentlessly for Scott’s reputation; Oriana Wilson who understood more than most what the men faced in Antarctica and ‘Empire’ Emily Bowers, who had already survived the burning of Perak in the third Anglo-Burmese war.

Snow Widows also explores the lives of the indomitable Caroline Oates, who openly snubbed the king’s invitations to celebrate the expedition; and Lois Evans, who was forced to endure the media’s assertions that her husband, the sole ‘Jack Tar’ in a band of officers, must have been responsible for the party’s downfall.

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  • Duration: 1hr
  • Price: £12