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La Chimera rating-15

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Riparbella, Tuscany, early ’80s. An Englishman in a grimy linen suit, Arthur (Josh O’Connor) is fresh out of prison. Yearning for his old lover, the daughter of a local aristocrat (Isabella Rossellini), he falls in with a group of tombaroli (tomb robbers), a rowdy crew of twentysomethings who pilfer the area’s ancient burial sites for Etruscan treasures to sell on the black market.

In this new film from Alice Rohrwacher (Happy As Lazzaro, The Wonders), she continues her project of mining and mythologising her country’s past. La Chimera creates its own wild, improbable fictional space and draws you inside and under its spell. it’s an entirely bewitching film – an ode to the power and fragility of lovely things, and a cautionary tale about how easily they may be lost. Josh O’Connor is superb.

“I was utterly captivated…” ★★★★★ (Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian)

Director: Alice Rohrwacher
Cast: Josh O’Connor, Carol Duarte, Alba Rohrwacher, Isabella Rossellini

  • Duration: 133 mins
  • Rating: rating-15
  • Price: £5



Students/Children (aged 15 only): £1