Buxton International Festival

Ned Palmer

Cheesemonger’s History of the British IslesDevonshire Domebutton--dates-and-timesDates & Times

Cheesemonger, philosopher and jazz musician Ned Palmer takes us on a delicious journey across Britain and through time to uncover the mysteries and delights … of cheese.

Along the way we learn the craft and culture of cheesemaking from the eccentric and engaging characters who have revived and reinvented farmhouse and artisan traditions to the major cheese styles – the blues, washed rinds, semi-softs and, unique to the British Isles, the territorials – and discover how best to enjoy them, on a cheeseboard with a glass of Riesling, or as a Welsh rarebit alongside a pint of Pale Ale.

  • Duration: 1hr
  • Price: £12