Buxton International Festival

Robert Twigger

Walking the Great North Line: Up England Another WayThe Assembly Rooms - Buxton Crescent Hotelbutton--dates-and-timesDates & Times

Robert Twigger, poet and travel writer, was in search of a new way up England when he stumbled across the Great North Line.

From Christchurch on the South Coast via Arbor Low stone circle, to Mam Tor, to Ilkley in Yorkshire and its three stone circles and the Swastika Stone, to several forts and camps in Northumberland to Lindisfarne (plus about thirty more sites en route). A single dead straight line following 1 degree 50 West up Britain. No other north-south straight line goes through so many ancient sites of such significance.

Was it just a suggestive coincidence or were they built intentionally? Twigger walks the line, which takes him Up England and through the Peak district, wild-camping along the way.

  • Duration: 1hr
  • Price: £12