Rosie Red Boots

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Rosie Red Boots is quietly enjoying living on the edge of a beautiful forest when the animals tell her of a fierce creature that is causing havoc and mayhem.

Is Rosie brave enough to save the day? Can she help her forest friends and bring calm once more to her home? With a little help from her cat, Rosie sets off on an adventure where she discovers that even when you are small you can make a big difference. 

Join Babbling Vagabonds on this mini shadow play adventure. Watch in wonder as shadows dance across a specially created screen to a captivating audio soundtrack. Babbling Vagabonds have taken the ideas from their online family story-making workshops and crafted a magical tale of resilience and hope. The children in these workshops have designed shadows that appear in the performance too. 

After the performance, the artists will show you some of the shadows and answer any questions you might have on what you have just experienced.

  • Duration: 30mins
  • Price: Free