Buxton International Festival

Rowan Moore

Property: The myth that built the world, 4:00pm Pavilion Arts Centrebutton--dates-and-timesDates & Times

Property carries a great promise: that it will make you rich and set you free.

But it is also a weapon, an agent of displacement and exploitation. In Britain, it has led to a new class division between those who own and those who don’t.

Rowan Moore, the architecture critic for The Observer, presents a powerful analysis of our concept of property ownership; from 16th century enclosures to the present day, of life in the developer-led boomtown of Gurgaon in India, of a giant experiment in co-operative living in the Bronx, to the impacts of Margaret Thatcher’s ‘property-owning democracy.’

He asks: how have we come to view our homes as investments and how could things be reformed to enable the social wealth of property to be returned to society?

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