Saving Grace featuring Robert Plant & Suzi Dian

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Saving Grace: a co-operative featuring Robert Plant and Suzi Dian (vocals), Oli Jefferson (percussion), Tony Kelsey (mandolin, baritone and acoustic guitars) and Matt Worley (banjo, acoustic and baritone guitars, and cuatro).  

These five musicians work in glorious harmony from start to finish reworking a selection of diverse cover versions that have been collected from various places creating a musical journey in its truest form. Furthermore, this odyssey has been undertaken in the spirit of appreciation, musicianship, and exultation: they truly are a band of joy!

Please note: there will be a support act.

“So much love in the room. One of the best gigs I’ve seen in years.”

Bob Harris

“Even though there were thousands there, the band created an extraordinary level of emotional intensity and intimacy. ”

Evening Standard
  • Duration: 2hr 30mins (includes interval)
  • Price: £32.50