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The Truffle Hunters rating-12a

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This Italian documentary is a delight from start to finish and requires no great knowledge of truffles! It is set in the woody hills of Piedmont and features a rum bunch of characters ready to look back over long lives well-spent honing their skills hunting for white truffles. The cinematography is exquisite with nearly every scene like a painted masterpiece.

Much of the hunting is done by their dogs, to be fair, and the bond between man and dog is unbreakable. There is a nostalgia about the memories shared - the world has changed for the worse, people can’t be trusted to do a fair deal and the forests are exploited yielding ever fewer truffles. This is a film that questions how we choose to live our lives. What answers will we give?

This film is programmed by Buxton Film and features no trailers. 

Director: Michael Dweck, Gregory Kershaw

  • Duration: 84 mins
  • Rating: rating-12a
  • Price: £5 (Children £1)