Buxton International Festival


The Imagined Testimony of Hildegard von BongenSt John's Churchbutton--dates-and-timesDates & Times

Clare Norburn soprano
Ariane Prussner mezzo soprano
Leah Stuttard/Joy Smith harp
Jan Chappell Hildegard

A concert/play by Clare Norburn

Live music performed by The Telling

Clare Norburn, whose powerful Breaking the Rules gripped Buxton audiences in 2016, returns with a new candlelit show, the story of medieval Abbess Hildegard of Bingen, told alongside music performed by acclaimed medieval ensemble The Telling.

Vision aims to give an insight into the painful visionary experiences Hildegard suffered throughout her life, covering some of the core emotional moments in her life. Vision is ‘an imagined testimony’ as Hildegard lies on her deathbed, revisiting and re-experiencing meaningful episodes from her past. What did it feel like to be taken away from her family at the age of 8? How did she experience the visions which she referred to as ‘the Living Light’? What was the physical experience of her visions? What did it feel to have so much responsibility in an age when women were generally powerless and silent?

  • Duration: 1hr
  • Price: £20