War Above The Trenches rating-12a

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Celebrating the 100th anniversary of WW1 this feature drama documentary reveals how the airmen of the British and French fought a desperate aerial campaign in supporting of the Armies on the Western Front.

It is not the familiar story of the individual ‘Aces’, but a story of the unsung heroes, fighting in an unfamiliar dimension, supporting the troops struggling with the horrors of trench warfare. They are the eyes of the artillery, guiding the high explosives onto the enemy, hoping to shorten an already frightful conflict.

For them, the novelty and wonder of flight has become the cold certainty of sudden, violent death. These are the experiences of those airmen and the part they played in the formation of the RAF. Produced by a Staffordshire film production company using local locations, actors and crew, bring a truly filmatic experience to the horrors of the great war.     

  • Rating: rating-12a
  • Price: £7 (Students/Children £5)