As part of our Young Critic's Circle, Cameron Rolland tells us what he thought about Predator

19 October 2018

The Predator is a film about a Predator ship that crashes onto earth into the main character, Quinn McKenna. He finds and sends the predators mask and weapons to his son in America. He then meets his rag tag team of misfits. They travel to the town where his son lives and fight the predator. They later find out the original predator was trying to save the Earth and there is a greater threat coming.

In my opinion, all its problems stem from the plot. The plot is as holey as Swiss cheese and is riddled with countless annoying Deus ex machinas. For example, the main characters son is taken by the shady organisation, as he knows where the predator ship is. Minutes after the son is taken, the group manage to find a helicopter just lying around. It also happens whenever they need weapons, they suddenly appear with massive guns when they had nothing seconds before.

The CGI and FX are certainly the best part of the film. The alien ships look sleek and futuristic, the Predators look gruesome and gory -the gore is over the top but adds to the brutality of the whole concept of aliens that come to earth to hunt humans for sport.

I also struggled to connect with the main and side characters, due to all the introductions being shown mainly through one scene  where Quinn meets his rag tag team of mad ex-soldiers.  This makes it difficult to connect as all exposition is done in one sceneand you struggle to feel empathy towards them.

Finally, the film felt cluttered, this was due to the endless changes in location. The film goes through over 10+ locations in around the same time. The original Predator film (1987) had rising tension as you never knew where the Predator would come from next, as it was all set in a claustrophobic jungle. And the 1987 original film created more tension and gore in less time. In The Predator (2018), whenever the tension begins to rise, the location changes which unfortunately breaks the tension.

In conclusion, the Predator is the type of film you can watch on a long train or plane ride where you don’t have to pay much attention to it. The Predator hits all the right notes but in the wrong order.

Cameron Rolland

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