Bumblebee blockbuster has a star soundtrack says our Young Critic Cameron Rolland

30 January 2019

Our Young Critic Cameron Rolland discovers how the soundtrack for Bumblebee ties the film together.

Bumblebee is the story of the beloved yellow Transformer, who is on the run from a war with the Deceptions on his home planet of Cybertron. Trying to find somewhere where his race can call home, Bumblebee finds himself hiding out on Earth. This is where you meet Charlie Watson, a keen mechanic and music lover who is struggling with the loss of her Dad. She finds a broken Bumblebee in a garage and fixes him up and befriends him, leading to her helping him to defend earth and helping the Autobots find a new home.

Although the plot and narrative of the film is not its strong point, Bumblebee still managed to entertain me throughout. Its prominent feature which drew me into the film was the soundtrack, which is a nostalgia feat for anyone who grew up in the 80s. With bands like The Smiths, Duran Duran and Simple Minds taking centre stage in the film, the soundtrack helped tie the whole narrative together. It was especially impressive that a big budget popcorn movie took its time to focus on something that is overlooked by many but is a huge part of any film.

I also loved the way that the cinematographer, Enrique Chediak, had shot the film in a very unconventional way, making this blockbuster have an indie feel to it. This gave the impression that this multi-million dollar monster was hiding an independent film spirit underneath.

This all creates an enjoyable film that keeps you gripped to the end and is well deserving of all the praise it has had. It is certainly one to watch again and I definitely would recommend to anyone wanting an action filled 2 hours with a killer soundtrack. 

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