Complex twists and turns in The Good Liar

19 December 2019

Students from Buxton Community School were on the edge of their seat when they came along to review The Good Liar.

Written by Jeffrey Hatcher, The Good Liar (Bill Condon) depicts the story of two widowed individuals, played by Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen, returning to the dating game – but one is hiding a very complex secret…

A complex, enticing and fast-paced film, The Good Liar captures and exhilarates the audience as many events take place – a continuous sensation of shock and despair for certain characters leaves you wanting much more. Bold actions and characters throughout the film allow all attention to be completely focused on the many air-gasping events that roll onto one another. The Good Liar is captivating from start to finish.

The film features many dark twists to it, positioning the viewer in to a state of absolute shock and disbelief. Adrenaline pounds through as you watch this film. Music editor, Carter Burwell, has created a fast-paced and strong musical score which is absolutely fitting to the film as a whole – favouring each and every part of the film. Dynamic characters enable the thriller film to repeatedly confuse and intrigue people watching it. Additionally, actors, Mirren and McKellen, create the running idea of the unknown, all twists and plot alterations are completely unexpected and all-in-all, gobsmacking to say the least! Both Mirren and McKellen turn in performances of such quality that we are drawn in to their characters.

Bill Condon, director of The Good Liar, begins the film in a slow, alarming manner: personally, I couldn’t make out where the film was going to develop and how it was going to surprise me. But Condon subtly releases unpredictable and interesting turns in precise ways. This ultimately seizes the attention from all, leaving the wonder of what will happen next, only for another twist to take you away from where you think the film is heading.

As a whole, I found the film fascinating to say the least – filled with opaque plot twists and multiple heart-racing moments. Burwell’s choice of music plays very well with each scene, creating a suspenseful and eerie sensation, along with Condon casting two remarkable actors, who were fit for the film.