Dating and Dame Sarah, find out all in our final Dame Sarah tells all.

2 October 2018

Our interviewer talks to Dame Sarah about dating in the final installment of Dame Sarah tells all.

INTERVIEWER: I’m back again for another interview with Sarah – the lovely lady who serves at Fitzwarrens Stores in London.  Sarah, tell me a little me about yourself: do you mind me asking if you are married or single?

SARAH: I lost my husband, actually. 

INTERVIEWER: Oh, sorry to hear that. 

SARAH: He was a difficult man, but I must admit I shed a tear when he went to a better place ...


SARAH: … Bakewell.


SARAH:  Yes – he got a job in a biscuit factory.  He kneaded the dough … Get it? Kneaded the … oh, please yourself.

INTERVIEWER: Right. So are you looking for a new partner now?

SARAH: I am. But it’s taken a while to build up my confidence. 

INTERVIEWER: Why is that?

SARAH: Well, I started off by sending my photo to the local lonely hearts club.


SARAH: They sent it back with a note, saying “We’re not that lonely”.

INTERVIEWER: But you’re seeing someone now?

SARAH: Well, I’ve joined an online dating site and I’ve been messaging a few good-looking men.

INTERVIEWER: And how have they responded?

SARAH: Blocked me, mostly.  But one did say he’d try to drop in when he was in the area. 

INTERVIEWER: That sounds hopeful.  Where does he live?

SARAH: Not far. The Orkney Islands. 

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