Iconic actors shine in our latest Young Critic's Circle review

2 January 2019

Our Young Critic Harriet Findlay-Wilson discovers the highs and lows of OAP heist King Of Thieves.

Directed by James Marsh, and starring some of Britain’s most iconic actors such as Michael Caine and Ray Winstone, King of Thieves tells the incredible true story of the Hatton Garden safe deposit burglary of 2015.

Experienced thief Brian Reader, played by no other than Sir Michael Caine, brings together a somewhat dysfunctional team of elderly yet professional criminals, to plot an elaborate burglary of Hatton Garden safe deposit. The OAP gang manage to pull-off the strenuous task, despite obstacles such as members falling asleep, and the limits of their old-fashioned burglary skills. Although a successful burglary, from which they acquire around £200 million worth of stolen jewels, their remaining years as free men are put at risk by London’s Metropolitan Police Service.

It is undeniable that Sir Michael Caine is perfect for the role of an ageing London criminal, due to his iconic performance as Charlie Croker in The Italian Job (1969), and his role as ruthless vigilante in Harry Brown (2009). Caine lives up to his iconic type-casting, and plays a believable performance of Reader. He shows Reader to be witty, ruthless and an expert criminal. Despite Reader's criminal lifestyle, you cannot help but root for him throughout the film.

Although the heist itself was full of hilarious one-liners, tension and slapstick comedy, the film felt somewhat long-winded after the event. The film went from action-packed hilarity to an immense amount of dialogue; when the elderly millionaires divided the money between themselves. During this time, I found my mind wandering, and I ended up thinking about what I was going to eat later.

All-in-all, the film was very enjoyable, with its hilarious one-liners, action-packed scenes, and its believable performances. The real charm of the film is its ability to show that older people can still pull off some elaborate schemes, and they do not all just sit there wearing slippers and watching the television. It does make you think, ‘I can’t believe this really happened!’. 

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