One of our young critic's tells all about Cold War

29 September 2018

As part of our Young Critic's Circle Zack Webb went along to see Cold War. 

This for me was the best film of the year, so far. Heading into this film I was very sceptical as the film is shot in the film noir style, meaning it’s completely in black and white.

The film is completely in a different language hence is subtitled. As soon as I saw the plot I knew I wasn’t the target audience, I’d say this film is ideal for the 45 – 64 demographic.

So, with all this in mind, you’d think I’d hate this film, that’s where you’re wrong. I really enjoyed this film as it used my negatives as positives and pulled me into an engaging and beautiful story. The film depicts impossible love which is clearly seen with juxtapositions throughout the  film , for example when Zula (played by Joanna Kulig) and Wiktor (played by Tomasz Kot) are preparing for dinner Wiktor asks about wearing a tie, when Zula says he should wear a tie the next shot clearly shows that there is no tie.

This film is meaningful and symbolic. As I mentioned the director Pawel Pawlikowski uses the film noir technique to help make his film fit the time period. Pawlikowski makes beautiful shots using lighting to contrast light from the dark. Almost everything in this film is perfectly timed and perfectly shot.

Overall this film was beautiful, despite me finding one or two things wrong and not being the demographic.  Cold War clearly has had blood sweat and tears poured into it with amazing music and jaw-dropping shots. I give this film 4 stars. 

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