Our Young Critic Cameron Rolland tells how Venom is an engaging but flawed addition to the Marvel Universe

20 November 2018

Cameron Rolland a member of our Young Critic's Circle shares his thoughts about Venom.

Venom is Sony’s try at the sub-genre of anti-heroes. The plot follows a reporter, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), who begins to research the Life Foundation, a company run by the millionaire Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed.) He strives to put humans into space with the help of aliens he has found called symbiotes. Brock begins to dig deeper into the shady goings on at the Life Foundation which soon leads him to losing his job at the hands of Drake. Down on his luck, Brock ends up getting into Drake’s facility and is infected by one of the symbiotes.

While Venom was enjoyable, it did have some glaring problems. The story, on a whole, was well executed. The narrative was jumpy in parts, flicking from in-depth character building to flashy action scenes in mere seconds.

The relationship between Eddie and Venom was also entertaining. As they’re the main character, they obviously had to jell together, and they did.  As Eddie tries to fight for control of his body and mind, his positive attitudes influence Venom and persuades him to change his mind to good.

On the downside however, the CGI and acting in parts left something to be desired.  The symbiotes looked like badly rendered silly putty which seems disappointing for a film with a $100 million budget. The acting also seemed lacklustre, especially from Tom Hardy as Eddie. It’s almost like he is trying to impersonate Ryan Reynolds Deadpool, which possibly was an active choice by the studio to follow in the footsteps of the success of Deadpool. This sadly leaves the underlying feeling of Venom just being a quick cash maker to cash in on a huge trend.

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