Our Young Critic Florence Tilley tells us why you shouldn't miss out on A Star is Born

5 November 2018

As part of our Young Critic's Circle Florence Tilley went along to see A Star is Born. 

Amongst captivating acting performances, emotive cinematography, and an equally beautiful soundtrack, A Star is Born is the 2018 rendition of the familiar tale where romance and dreams tragically fall short of expectations.

Making her impressive acting debut, music mega-star and fashion icon Lady Gaga is Ally, the girl next door, whose singer-songwriter dreams quickly become a reality when co-star and director Bradley Cooper, the famous rock-star Jackson Maine, stumbles across her mesmerising voice in a local bar. Although holding the key to Ally’s heart and success, Jackson’s struggles with substance abuse puts both his career and marriage on the line, sending the film on an emotional rollercoaster before arriving at its devastating conclusion.   

Considering the huge successes of La La Land and The Greatest Showman last year, A Star is Born required a refreshing use of the musical genre in order to compete with its competitor’s achievements. Despite the musical’s somewhat childish associations, A Star is Born rejects its corny expectations and adopts the genre in a mature and sophisticated manner.

Not only does the soundtrack showcase Gaga and Cooper’s undeniable talents, but the music drives the plot forwards, capturing the characters’ raw emotions when words aren’t enough. The songs are heartfelt, meaningful and beautifully written, covering a variety of genres ranging from rock and country to pop.

As a result of its wide appeal, A Star is Born continues to be successful at the box office, and it is not surprising that both the album and stunning stand-out track ‘Shallow’ both achieved well-worthy number one spots in the music charts following the film’s release last month.

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