Pocket calculator's and living in London, Dick Whittington's Dame Sarah tells all part two...

17 September 2018

Our Interviewer continues to get all the gossip from Dick Whittington's Dame Sarah.

INTERVIEWER: I’m taking another opportunity to speak to Sarah – who works for Alderman Fitzwarren in his shop in Cheapside, London.

SARAH: Who are you calling cheap?

INTERVIEWER: Nobody!  I said “Cheapside” … isn’t that the street where you run your shop?

SARAH: Retail emporium.

INTERVIEWER: Sorry, retail emporium.

SARAH: Yes.  I’ll have you know, Cheapside is London’s most fashionable shopping street.

INTERVIEWER:  Isn’t that supposed to be Oxford Street?

SARAH: Never heard of it.

INTERVIEWER: So, tell me what it’s like, living in the glamorous city of London?

SARAH: Well, we live above the shop in one of those old, half-timbered houses. In fact it’s so old, the only thing that keeps it together is the woodworm, holding hands.

INTERVIEWER: And who lives there with you?

SARAH: My boss, Alderman Fitzwarren, and his daughter, Alice. She’s a lovely girl - I’ve known her since she was a baby.  Although it’s a bit different now she’s started managing the shop.

INTERVIEWER: Why is that?

SARAH: Well, she keeps complaining the cash till’s short, but I tell her, if we had a longer one, it wouldn’t fit on the counter.  And she’s offered to buy me a pocket calculator, but I honestly don’t think anyone cares how many pockets I’ve got.  

Join us for the last instalment from Dame Sarah as she talks about her search for a new man. 

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