The Giant Pear review from our Young Critic's Circle

1 October 2018

Another fantastic review from one of our talented Young Critic's, Elizabeth Orton. Elizabeth gives her excellent opinion on The Giant Pear.

The Giant Pear is a wonderful movie for children around 4 – 10 years old. It’s a fun, crazy and amazing film and I really enjoyed watching it.

If you would like to watch a funny film that’s very different from the rest and perfect for all the family, then The Giant Pear is for you. Young children especially will love the movie, and adults are sure to find it nice to watch as well. However, there is a few minutes in it, when young children may be a little bit frightened (the ghosts in The Pitch-Black Sea).

In my opinion, it was a very unique movie. One of the reasons I liked it was because it is very colorful. I thought the animation was brilliant. But mostly it was great fun. A film about a cat and an elephant sailing across the sea in a giant piece of fruit – what’s not to like? They are sent a message in a bottle which also contains a seed from the missing mayor JB. So they set sail in The Giant Pear they grew with the seed, accompanied by a crazy professor. Will they find the mysterious island, its treasures, and rescue the mayor? There is no dull moment in this movie, every minute is a new adventure.  I think people will love this film and its characters. The actual story is really exciting, and I especially like the very happy ending. I recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in watching it. I give it 4 stars. 

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