The Grinch is best for younger film goers says our young critic

19 December 2018

Our Young Critic William Jones discusses the highs and lows of this festive film The Grinch

I think that this film is a joy for young children: there is loads of mild humour, fun animation designs and a simple plot. However I would not recommend this movie for anyone 6+ due to the fact that the plot is boring. 

This version of The Grinch is probably the kindest one: he is happy and cheerful most of the time and he is occasionally is grumpy- the only scene where the Grinch is slightly sinister is when he tells Max about his plan. The Grinch is meant to be a sly and horrible person, not an exuberant fun character, I think that this film is lacking this.

However, I enjoyed the Dr Seuss type contraptions like the coffee machine and the candy cane magnet. I also enjoyed the narration and the lighthearted humour. But this film didn’t appeal to me: the plot was rushed; the Grinch was too friendly.  The Grinch’s past is also not explained enough.

I like the appearance of Whoville, like the Christmas decorations and the weird house designs. This film is obviously targeted at the Christmas market and younger audiences. To conclude, I rate this film 3 stars out of 5, which will provide some entertainment for younger children but will not be a Christmas classic.

 By William Jones

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