The panto is perfect for all ages says our young critic Lizzie Orton.

12 December 2018

We find out our young critics thoughts on this years pantomime Dick Whittington. Lizzie Orton tells us about her experience at Buxton Opera House.

It was a cold, rainy Saturday afternoon when we arrived at the Buxton Opera House. We received a warm welcome and were led to our seats, and we saw the others were almost completely sold out. I was amazed to see the spectacular art and gold that covered the walls and ceiling. At Buxton we are unbelievably lucky to have such a masterpiece in our town.

Watching a Pantomime with your family is a tradition many people have and enjoy. Dick Whittington was sure to be the greatest one I have seen yet. It is perfect for all ages, from toddlers to adults, it included the audience, it was hilarious, and, of course, had all the things a pantomime requires including covering the audience in water, ‘He’s behind you!’ and a song at the end, which this year was ‘Baby Shark’.

All of the actors, dancers and singers were extremely talented and knew every line and lyric. The costumes where great, and I was very impressed with the lights and sound effects and even fireworks! They had clearly had much time and effort put into them.

The characters where very funny, especially the Dame, Sarah the Cook, and the actors for Dick, Alice and The Rat King were so good at their part, you almost forgot they weren’t actually that person! The show contained many famous and popular songs performed to perfection.

In conclusion, Dick Whittington is a Pantomime I recommend you go to see this Christmas season.

by Lizzie Orton aged 11

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