Has your dog got star quality? Then maybe you’ve hit the Bullseye!

Posted: 26 March 2019

If your pet pooch is the canine equivalent of Bradley Cooper or Saoirse Ronan, then they could win a place in our production of Oliver! coming to Buxton Opera House in May 2019.

We’re looking for a well-trained dog with good acting ability to play the iconic role of Bullseye in the forthcoming musical Oliver! The successful candidate will need to be an English Bull Terrier and will need to have a naturally fierce look, but a lovely off stage friendly disposition!

Your pet needs to be well behaved, and as his owner, you will need to be prepared to go onstage in costume to look after him or her.

To register for the audition, please send a photograph to Pat Russell: [email protected] Please include your contact number and address as well as the name of your dog. 

Oliver! is one of the best known British musicals and since its premiere in 1960, it has established itself as a masterpiece of entertainment for all to enjoy. Oliver! has enjoyed successful long runs all over the world including on Broadway, the West End and of course the award winning film. Lionel Bart also received the 1963 Tony Award for the Best Original Score for Oliver!  

Oliver! will offer a theatrical platform for young talent from the High Peak to perform on stage supported by the expertise of the creative team at the Opera House. The Chief Executive of Buxton Opera House, Paul Kerryson, will take to the helm once more to bring out the very best from our local performers.

We hope you will support Buxton Opera House, its young performers and doggie star by coming to see Oliver! If you or your business would like to sponsor this event or make a donation and help us continue our work in nurturing young talent contact: [email protected]

Oliver! will be performed at Buxton Opera House 24-26 May and 5-9 June. Visit our website more details. 


For more information about events, competition and press tickets, contact Helen Naylor, email: [email protected] or Tel: 01298 72050