A Night To Remember at Chatsworth

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We are delighted to announce a special gala evening during the Festival at one of the world’s best-loved stately homes, Chatsworth House, for a night you will certainly remember. 

The performance, starring celebrated comic baritone, Simon Butteriss, will take place in Chatsworth’s own magnificent theatre and it is a fantastic opportunity for guests to visit this rarely seen gem.

The theatre was created by the celebrated designer William Helmsley in 1896 at the request of the 8th Duke of Devonshire. This was at a time when theatre was at its most fashionable, partly because of the affair of the Duke’s great friend, the Prince of Wales with the actress Lily Langtree. The Prince, who became King Edward VII, was such a regular visitor that the press dubbed it the ‘Theatre Royal’.

Your ticket includes a return coach transfer from outside Buxton Opera House departing at 6:15pm, followed by a drinks reception on arrival before the concert.

Chatsworth House, located in Derbyshire, England, is not only renowned for its remarkable architecture and vast art collection but also houses a significant feature of cultural history: its theatre. This theatre, a gem within Chatsworth's opulent walls, exemplifies the grandeur and cultural richness of the estate, which has been the seat of the Cavendish family since the 16th century.

The theatre at Chatsworth House is a testament to the estate's longstanding relationship with the arts. Historically, it served as a venue for private performances, reflecting the aristocratic tradition of hosting theatrical productions within one's residence. The architecture and design of the theatre are in keeping with the lavish style of the house, featuring intricate detailing, luxurious materials, and a sense of grandiosity. This space was not merely for entertainment; it was a symbol of status, showcasing the family's wealth, taste, and cultural patronage.

Throughout its history, the theatre has seen various adaptations and renovations, each reflecting the changing tastes and requirements of the times. It has been a focal point for gatherings of the social elite, where plays, musical performances, and even masquerade balls were held. The theatre's acoustics and intimate setting made it an ideal location for these events, offering an exclusive experience for guests.

Today, the theatre at Chatsworth House continues to be a significant cultural asset. While it may no longer host regular performances, its presence adds to the historical and cultural narrative of the estate. Visitors to Chatsworth House can glimpse into the past, imagining the opulent performances and gatherings that once took place within these walls. The theatre stands as a reminder of the estate's rich cultural heritage and the enduring legacy of the arts in British aristocratic history.

Dates & Times

  • Tue 6 Aug 6:15pm
    Sold Out
  • Duration: 3hr 30mins
  • Price: £95