Forbear! Theatre

The Yeomen of the Guard

, 7:00pm Buxton Opera Housebutton--dates-and-timesDates & Times

The Yeomen of the Guard is the darkest and most emotionally engaging of the Savoy Operas.

The show takes place in the Tower of London, where Colonel Fairfax is wrongly accused of sorcery and sentenced to death within the hour. Fairfax hatches a plan to avoid letting his estate fall into the hands of his scheming cousin by secretly marrying Elsie Maynard, a strolling singer. She agrees to be blindfolded during the ceremony and expects to be a wealthy widow upon Fairfax's imminent demise, leaving her free to marry her lover, the jester Jack Point. However, Fairfax miraculously escapes his fate, and chaos ensues. Following his escape, Fairfax woos Elsie, and after numerous plot complications are resolved, she falls in love with him. 

Forbear! Theatre wowed audiences at the 2019 G&S Festival with their outstanding production of Patience, and this new production of The Yeomen of the Guard will not disappoint. 

Accompanied by the National Festival Orchestra, directed by William Remmers.

Dates & Times

  • Duration: 2hr 45mins (includes interval)
  • Price: £28-£38