Buxton Opera House: Beyond the Stage

31 March 2023

Did you know that every ticket purchased at Buxton Opera House & Pavilion Arts Centre makes a huge contribution to our local and surrounding areas?

As a key player in Buxton’s economic landscape and a producer of many community outreach projects, our beautiful theatre has an impact that stretches far further than the stage. From attracting visitors to Buxton, to supporting local suppliers and contributing to improved health and education, as well as many other benefits, the theatre really is a pillar of the High Peak.

Find out below how your next trip to Buxton Opera House & Pavilion Arts Centre could positively contribute to Buxton and beyond.

Economic Impact

  1. As one of Buxton Opera House & Pavilion Arts Centre’s c. 199k customers, you help us generate an estimated £12.10m per annum for local businesses aside from the High Peak Theatre Trust. These range from hotels, restaurants, shops and car parks which in turn supports employment opportunities for local people.
  2. When you purchase a ticket from us, you support the preservation of existing jobs and creation of new ones. It is estimated that the High Peak Theatre Trust supports 323 full time equivalent jobs in the economy, through staff of the theatre and induced employment in other local businesses. 282 of these full-time jobs are estimated to be taken by High Peak residents.

Social Impact

  1. Through health, education and volunteering, we create a social impact of £3.45m per annum. 59% of this social value is captured within Derbyshire and 50% in High Peak.
  2. Our community education programmes and volunteer network, supported by revenue earned from our wonderful customers, provide just under £1,500,000 of social impact value to communities across Derbyshire.
  3. In 3 years, participatory programmes at Buxton Opera House & Pavilion Arts Centre have provided involvement opportunities for 914 children and young people.

At Buxton Opera House & Pavilion Arts Centre, we are extremely proud to not only offer a year-round programme of fantastic entertainment for our audiences but to also support the economic and social landscape in Buxton and the High Peak.

If you’d like to play a part in our community impact, take a look at our What’s On page and book your next visit or check out our Support Us page for donation opportunities.

Statistics taken from Amion’s Buxton Opera House Impact Assessment, 2022.