Autism Friendly screenings join forces with Morrison’s Quieter Hour

Posted: 6 September 2018

Buxton Cinema has worked hard to provide a cinema which is welcoming to all. We want to make sure that all of audience members can make the most of their cinema visit. Our Autism Friendly screenings give a warm welcome to anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed environment such as cinema goers with autism.

We’re not the only ones who want to provide a relaxing environment and you may have seen in the national press Morrison’s supermarket created a ‘Quieter Hour’ back in July. On a Saturday between 9-10am stores throughout the UK now offer relief for over 700,000 people who are on the autism spectrum. Stores have dimmed lights, there is no music, noise such as checkout beeps are minimised and tannoy announcements are avoided.

Teaming up with our local Morrison’s, Buxton Cinema will be offering shoppers the chance to come to the cinema and see autism friendly screenings after Quieter Hour, so you can still get your shopping done first. The first screening at 10.30am will be Christopher Robin on September 15. Rob Harrison, Morrisons Buxton Community Champion will also be on hand to provide more information about the Quieter Hour and answer any queries you might have. You can also download a Visual Story from our website so you can prepare for your visit.

Autism Friendly Screening of Christopher Robin is here Saturday 15 September at 10.30AM. Tickets are priced at £7 for adults, and £5 for children/students/seniors.  Free essential companion tickets are available To buy tickets contact Buxton Opera House Box Office, Tel: 01298 72190 or visit:



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