Name a Seat

Be a part of the furniture, literally, at Buxton Opera House by naming one of our theatre seats.

Whether it’s for a loved one, for yourself or just your way of helping us you can have a presence in our beautiful theatre.

What will you receive? 

A shiny brass plaque inscribed with the wording of your choice, certificate acknowledging your location and an invitation for you to visit your named seat.

'We are blessed to have the Buxton Opera House on our doorstep where, as a Buxtonian, I have attended shows and films throughout my life. I enjoyed attending the cinema when I was a teenager and now frequent the many and varied theatre productions. I'm thrilled to be able to support this marvellous facility in any way I can. It truly is a gem to be treasured.’ – Mo Stewart

We are truly grateful to Mo, she is a great supporter and we love to see her every time she comes to visit us. Thank you Mo!

Seat plaque packages are £1,000 - securing your very own place in our historic theatre. For more information and payment plans, please contact Hayley on 01298 211866 or email [email protected].