Buxton International Festival

Nigel Toon

​How AI thinks: How we built it, how it can help us, and how we can control it , 3:00pm Pavilion Arts Centrebutton--dates-and-timesDates & Times

Our search engines arebecoming answer engines. Artificial intelligence is already revolutionising sectors from education to healthcare to the creative arts. 

But how does AI understand sentiment or context? How does it play and win games that have an almost infinite number of moves? 

Nigel Toon, the founder of Graphcore and a leading AI entrepreneur, explores how we can work with AI to produce insights and innovations that are beyond human capacity, from writing code in an instant to unfolding the elaborate 3D puzzles of proteins. We stand at the brink of a historic change that will disrupt society and at the same time create enormous opportunities forthose who understand how AI thinks.

Dates & Times

  • Duration: 1hr
  • Price: £12



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