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From mountaineering & adventure to politics and literature, there's something for everybody

Manchester Food & Drink Festival Ltd

Dr. John Cooper Clarke

Plus Special Guests
LowePro Buxton Adventure Festival

Al Hinkes and Terry Abraham

Phil & Nigel McIntyre

Suggs - What A King Cnut

A Life in the Realm of Madness
Buxton International Festival

The Crime Writers Lunch

Buxton Crescent Heritage Trust


The 5th Duke's Wife
LowePro Buxton Adventure Festival

Rob Jebb and Jon Morgan

Nigel McIntyre by arrangement with Gareth Watson

An Evening with Ant Middleton

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour rating-12a

Red Films
Buxton Crescent Heritage Trust

The Waters of Buxton

LowePro Buxton Adventure Festival

John Beatty

Adventures in the Wild

Jason Donovan

Buxton Crescent Heritage Trust

Fine & Bracing Climates

Health, Recreation and the Geographies of Spas and Resorts