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Welcome to your ticket behind the scenes with our new podcast The Cast From Buxton Opera House.

If you’ve always wanted to take a peek behind the scenes and hear the whispers from the wings at Buxton Opera House, here’s your chance.

You can now catch up on all the going’s on behind the scenes with Buxton Opera House’s brand-new podcast The Cast from Buxton Opera House. You will be able to find out more about our beautiful Matcham theatre with exclusive interviews, masterclasses, history and more with directors, performers, artists, and creatives sharing their experiences and knowledge of the theatre in the hills.

From here you can find the information about the latest episodes, show notes and more. 

Show Notes for Episode 001 - CEO Paul Kerryson on Buxton Opera House & A Little Night Music.

Welcome to the first episode of The Cast From Buxton Opera House. Find out all the news, gossip and more as we lift the curtain and find out what’s going on at the theatre in the hills.  

Chief Executive and renowned Theatre Director Paul Kerryson describe his extraordinary start in theatre. After being bitten by the acting bug early on he found himself queuing up a Drury Lane for an open audition.  With only ten parts going, Paul was surprised to find himself successfully gaining one of the ten starring in Godspell for four years which was produced by the then relatively unknown Cameron Mackintosh

From Joesph and the Multicolor Dreamcoat to playing Riff Raff in the Rocky Horror Picture Show Paul never looked back. He went on to find himself choreographing Stephen Sondheim's Follies and Pacific Overtures and lots more in musicals in the '80s. Later taking the reigns as a theatre director, he took the overlooked Chicago and made it a hit.

You can find more about Paul here and of course, learn all this and more by listening to episode 001.

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Show Notes for Episode 002: Paul Kerryson on Stephen Sondheim & A Little Night Music

In this episode, we will be talking about all things Stephen Sondheim with director and Chief Executive Paul Kerryson. 

Paul will tell us how he discovered his love for the work of Sondheim after starring in Merrily We Roll Along. Paul discusses how Sondheim brings the key ingredients for a great musical by weaving music, lyrics and always working with a talented book writer. Paul talks of the joy for him directing Sondheim and thrill for the actors. 

Just out of School Paul saw his first production of A Little Night Music. Now years later, Paul shares news on his own new production of A Little Night Music, which will open this year’s Buxton International Festival. You can find out about the latest casting news for A Little Night Music on the press section of our website.

In our new feature Only in the Theatre, I’ll be finding out funny stories from our staff, asking what’s the funniest thing they’ve experienced whilst working in the theatre. In this episode, Deputy Learning & Engagement Manager Kerry will be sharing her experiences of getting ‘dressed up for work. See our gallery below for the photos.

You can find more about Paul here and of course, learn all this and more by listening to episode 002.

Designers: Charles Cusick Smith & Philip R Daniels on costumes, the pandemic & A Little Night Music

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Show Notes for Episode 003: Designers: Charles Cusick Smith & Philip R Daniels on costumes, the pandemic & A Little Night Music

Welcome to episode three of The Cast From Buxton Opera House.

In this episode, we hear how these talented duo have designed sets across the world. Charles and Phil discuss how the pandemic has affected their work and how it feels to be back at Buxton Opera House with their dream-like sets for A Little Night Music. Thanks to Buxton International Festival and Buxton Advertiser for facilitating this interview.

In our feature Only in the Theatre, I’ll be hearing from Artistic Director of Moving Stories Theatre Emma Gersch, about her extraordinary experience at The Minack Theatre, which could only happen in an open-air theatre!

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